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All Tanaka Dental products were designed by Dr. Asami Tanaka to maximize the quality and productivity for himself and other dental technicians alike.

Everything has been tested and proven in his own laboratory to ensure that it brings immense value, and we are certain that it will do the same for you!

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from $231.00
Beautiful, life-like gradation
  • Simply mill and sinter; No coloring required
  • 5 layers of shading and translucency
  • 49% Translucency/mm
  • 1100 MPa
  • Easily adjust the shade with ZirColor® Shift and ZirChrome® .
The Tanaka "Big Brush" is a custom made instrument specifically designed and balanced for dental ceramics work.  It has been created to enable the ceramist to sculpt rather than "stack" porcelain, building crisp ridges, carving sharp grooves, and creating up to ninety percent of a restoration's anatomy with the brush alone. The stiff, sharp, natural Kolinsky point holds its shape and does not fan out when pressure is applied.  The handle is short for better control; the seamless ferrule is we...
The paste form of this unique marking material allows for a super-thin, 3-dimensional application. Detect with pinpoint accuracy high points on the inner crown surface and contact points with adjacent and opposing teeth. Use TANAKA Stone Surface Sealer before application to easily wash it off without coloration of the model.
The sharp, ultra thin blade of the steel-handled AT5 Thin Knife is ideal for cutback of body porcelain prior to incisal application, as well as refinement of interproximal contour in bridge buildups.  The smooth surface left by the blade reduces potential for porosity in the finished restoration.
from $46.00
These revolutionary grinding and glazing wheels combine the sharpness of diamonds in a razor-thin rubber disk for maximum flexibility.  Each rubber disk is impregnated with high-density diamond particles to produce a superior polishing surface and ultra-sharp razor-thin cutting edge.  Three color-coded formulations, one for each need. The Red Wheel is used for a coarse polish; the Blue Wheel a medium polish; and the Yellow Wheel for a fine high-gloss shine.  The wheels are durable and long-la...
Natural fluorescence for your zirconia
  • Simply spray to add life-like fluorescent luster to zirconia restorations
  • Fuses with a strong bond to even the most highly polished zirconia
  • Its convenient aerosol form allows light and even application
  • Does not cause loss of resistance to plaque formation
from $240.00
Beautiful 3-layer translucency
  • Bleaching shade gradation
  • 3 layers of translucency
  • 49% Translucency/mm
  • 1100 MPa
  • Easily adjust the shade with ZirColor® and ZirChrome® .

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