Tanaka Dental: Best dental tools and materials
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The Tanaka "Big Brush" is a custom made instrument specifically designed and balanced for dental ...
The paste form of this unique marking material allows for a super-thin, 3-dimensional application...
Contains: 1 x TANAKA EnamelZR Light Zirconia Block 98x14mm1 x TANAKA ZirColor Classic Starter Kit...
Contains: 1 x TANAKA EnamelZR Supreme Zirconia Block 98x14mm1 x TANAKA ZirColor Supreme Starter K...
from $139.00
Maximum Translucency
from $129.00
Simple, strong, and translucent

premium products for dental restoration professionals

Our Mission

We design and manufacture tools and materials for dental restoration professionals who seek quality and efficiency in their work.  From ceramics to metals to zirconia, we strive to offer complete solutions that realize the highest quality results.  We are a dental lab at heart and as such, all of our products are designed and developed inside our very own lab, constantly testing and improving.  Nothing leaves the lab until we use the products ourselves on hundreds of cases with the utmost satisfying results.



Tanaka Dental was founded in Chicago by Dr. Asami Tanaka over 40 years ago.  Over the years, he developed many innovative tools and materials that he shared with the world as Tanaka Dental Products.  What started as a humble lab has expanded to Japan and Germany, and is now a brand recognized and cherished by many people around the world.

New ZirColor Demonstration Video Uploaded!

Here's the first of ours series of demonstration videos for our products! Enjoy!

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March 12, 2016