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The Tanaka "Big Brush" is a custom made instrument specifically designed and balanced for dental ...
The paste form of this unique marking material allows for a super-thin, 3-dimensional application...
The sharp, ultra thin blade of the steel-handled AT5 Thin Knife is ideal for cutback of body porc...
from $45.00
These revolutionary grinding and glazing wheels combine the sharpness of diamonds in a razor-thin...
from $229.00
Effortless and stunning, top to bottom.
  • •Simply mill and sinter; No coloring required •5 layers of pre-mixed shades and translucency •49% Translucency/mm •1100 MPa •Easily adjust the shade with Tanaka ZirChrome®  and Tanaka ZirColor®
from $18.00
Our coloring liquids utilize a special hydrocarbon base, free from acid and water. Will not co...
from $17.50
High Temp Nano Stain for Post-Sintered Zirconia
  • High Temp Nano Stain for Post-Sintered Zirconia
  • Color does not fade away, even at over 1000°F
  • Applies easily to highly polished post-sintered zirconia; no need for grinding or sandblasting
  • Also compatible with a wide range of conventional porcelain
Natural fluorescence for your zirconia
  • Simply spray to add life-like fluorescent luster to zirconia restorations
  • Fuses with a strong bond to even the most highly polished zirconia
  • Its convenient aerosol form allows light and even application
  • Does not cause loss of resistance to plaque formation