Enamel ZR™ Multi Supreme – Tanaka Dental

Tanaka Enamel ZR™ Zirconia Blocks

Enamel ZR™ is the only zirconia incorporating enamel color, facilitating any coloring procedure enormousely and providing thin, natural-looking monolithic restorations or frameworks for both anterior and posterior.  The disks can additionally be colored before and after sintering using Tanaka's ZirColorZirChrome, and Z-Luster products. 

Enamel ZR™ is engineered by Asami Tanaka and produced with the highest quality raw materials and technology. DIN EN ISO 6872:2013 and 10993-1:2009 are applied.

All blocks are made by Tosoh, world renown experts of the finest quality zirconia, and is manufactured by uniformly isostatic pressure for uniform high density.


Multilayer Gradation: Effortless and stunning, top to bottom.

Easily the smartest choice for full zirconia crowns.  With 3 layers of carefully selected shades and translucency, beauty is always guaranteed. Work towards any perfect shade by adjusting the color with Tanaka ZirColor® Pre-Sintering Coloring Liquid and Tanaka ZirChrome® Post-Sintering Stain Powder and Liquid; no need to stock up on multiple shades.

  • Simply mill and sinter; No coloring required
  • 3 layers of pre-mixed shades and translucency
  • 49% Translucency/mm
  • 800 MPa
  • Easily colored with Tanaka ZirColor® before sintering.
  • Can be touched up after sintering with Tanaka ZirChrome®

Price Chart

Product Name Thickness Price
Enamel ZR™ Multi Supreme 
12 mm $166
Enamel ZR™ Multi Supreme  14 mm $196
Enamel ZR™ Multi Supreme  16 mm $222
Enamel ZR™ Multi Supreme  18 mm $247
Enamel ZR™ Multi Supreme 
22 mm $299