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Porcelain Accessories

Designed in the pursuit of convenience and ease of use.  Our accessories are creations with subtle yet thoughtful and innovative improvements to existing products that can drastically simplify your work process.
Made of high density glazed white ceramic and enclosed in a hinged, impact resistant plastic case, the Tanaka Opaque Tray is designed for long-lasting, efficient use and convenient storage. 15 deep, round mixing wells ensure less frequent mixing and less surface evaporation of opaque liquid. Ideally suited for use with the AT4 Opaque Instrument, opaques and modifiers can be mixed in each well with Tanaka Thermo-Dri™ Opaque Liquid and kept wet indefinitely for reduced waste and greater product...
Stack your mixing trays, not your porcelain! Maximize your working space ergonomically by organizing your bench with one or more of these handy mixing tray racks. Made of sturdy metal and coated with soft plastic to avoid scratching benchtops and trays, each rack is designed to hold five Tanaka mixing trays for convenient storage and easy access.  
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Tanaka Bite-X™ Paste, in red, green, and yellow, is the proven articulating material that provides greater three dimensional accuracy.  Using the Bite-X™ can save time, effort and expense in both the creation and adjustment of occlusion and enable the efficient production of even the most demanding gnathologic occlusal schemes. Bite-X™ Articulating Paste precisely detects high spots in ceramic and cast restorations without pressure.  With accuracy under five microns, Bite-X™ Paste enables try...
Originally designed by Dr. Tanaka to accommodate two full arches at a time, this versatile firing tray with nine movable metal pins is engineered for maximum firing efficiency on single crowns, or any combination of crowns and bridges. The refractory base's unique star shape, combined with the variety of pin styles, provides uniform firing, even for pontics, which can be firmly located between star points so that no part of a restoration touches the firing tray. Four different types of oxide ...
Our original porcelain work cloth uses a neutral gray color that is the optimal background color for porcelain work, and enables a more accurate color determination because the reflected light is adequately controlled.  It also helps protect the eye from the glare.