Tanaka Firing Tray Kit – Tanaka Dental

Originally designed by Dr. Tanaka to accommodate two full arches at a time, this versatile firing tray with nine movable metal pins is engineered for maximum firing efficiency on single crowns, or any combination of crowns and bridges.

The refractory base's unique star shape, combined with the variety of pin styles, provides uniform firing, even for pontics, which can be firmly located between star points so that no part of a restoration touches the firing tray.

Four different types of oxide stable metal pins, each with a different function, can be used individually or in a combination to handle virtually any firing situation.  

Included are:

  • 4 straight pins for single anterior crowns and/or bridges
  • 2 S-shaped swing pins for easy setting of inter-abutment distance on bridges
  • 1 hooked pin for extending the reach of the other pins and making vertical adjustments
  • 2 flat-topped pins for firing posterior crowns

The Tanaka Firing Tray is balanced to avoid tipping when unevenly loaded, and footed to enable a sure, easy grip with furnace tongs. Stable and compact, it is ideal for vertical rise furnaces.

Available as a kit with nine pins and a storage case.