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Tanaka Enamel ZR™ Zirconia Blocks

We use zirconia powders from the the globally renowned and respected Tosoh Corporation to ensure that all of our blocks have a consistently high quality.  The powders are pressed using an isostatic system which applies pressure evenly from all directions and by a software program designed with a complete comprehension of the molding and pre-calcining process.  We are confident to claim that the balance, precision, and the consistency of these blocks make them the most reliable blocks in the world.

We current offer 5 types which were formulated to accommodate the various needs and situations perfectly.

from $129.00
Simple, strong, and translucent
from $139.00
For minimal adjustment
  • 1200 MPa
  • 41% Translucency/mm
  • A2 shaded
  • Easily adjust the shade with ZirColor or ZirChrome
from $139.00
The perfect enamel shade
from $139.00
Maximum Translucency
from $229.00
Effortless and stunning, top to bottom.
  • •Simply mill and sinter; No coloring required •5 layers of pre-mixed shades and translucency •49% Translucency/mm •1100 MPa •Easily adjust the shade with Tanaka ZirChrome®  and Tanaka ZirColor®