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Porcelain Instruments

Our porcelain instruments empower you to achieve high quality and efficiency with ease.  You won't find these original designs anywhere else.
A Classic! Light and easy to handle,  the AT1 Vibrating Instrument incorporates a flexible spatula blade for mixing and rough shaping porcelain, a serrated handle for the vibration condensing needed while building porcelain and discoid tip for measuring small amounts of modifier powders for simple to complex shade modification. *Fabricated in mirror-polished spring steel to avoid wear on vibrating ridges or contamination of porcelain and to assure smooth and easy mixing and application. 
Super sharp not only at its point, but along two of its triangulate edges as well, the AT3 Carver is perfect for redefinition of anatomical grooves in condensed buildups prior to firing.  The finely honed edges are ideal for carving and trimming.
The AT4 Opaque Instrument is used for both mixing and application of opaque with no contamination of metal understructures.  The tapered edge enables broad coverage and the fine tip allows fine line application in marginal and interproximal areas, and precise location of modified opaques.
This high quality steel hemostat holds restorations firmly and has been specially designed to grip the inside and outside of crown collars without contacting casting margins.
The Tanaka Instrument Kit combines one each of the most essential Tanaka instruments and all the brushes needed for ceramics work in a durable compact case.  The case has room for additional items and all items can be individually placed. The kit contains the following: AT2 Condensing Spatula will be substituted with our *AT1 Vibrating Instrument   AT3 Carver AT5 Thin Knife AT4 Glass Opaque Instrument Tanaka Big Brush Touchup Brush Glaze Brush Cleanup Brush Stain Brush Micro Brush
Use for applying small amounts of opaque.