Brush – Tanaka Dental


The Tanaka "Big Brush" is a custom made instrument specifically designed and balanced for dental ceramics work.  It has been created to enable the ceramist to sculpt rather than "stack" porcelain, building crisp ridges, carving sharp grooves, and creating up to ninety percent of a restoration's anatomy with the brush alone. The stiff, sharp, natural Kolinsky point holds its shape and does not fan out when pressure is applied.  The handle is short for better control; the seamless ferrule is we...
Replacement brush for the Bite-X™ Articulating Paste Kit.
The short, stiff, round tip of the Tanaka Cleanup Brush is ideal for removal of unwanted dry porcelain from crown intaglios and metal collars prior to firing.
The flat-edged Tanaka Glaze Brush ensures controlled delivery with smooth, thin application of mixed glaze to the bisque porcelain surface, and allows the ceramist to fill in surface pits with firm pressure.
For sharp, exact staining characterization of bridge interproximals and very sharp occlusal grooves, the Tanaka Micro Brush is longer and thinner than the Stain Brush.
For precise characterization of deep occlusal grooves and cervical areas, the tip of the Tanaka Stain Brush is fine enough to assure accuracy and natural effects, yet stiff enough to provides maximum control and accuracy.
The Tanaka Touchup Brush is ideal for blending opaque modifiers, texturing applied opaque, and surface staining of broad areas of porcelain with smooth coverage.  It is also used to make minor corrections in the buildup, such as the addition of occlusal contact points.