Material – Tanaka Dental


from $139.00
For minimal adjustment
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Simple, strong, and translucent
  • Super High Strength
  • 1200 MPa
  • 41% Translucency/1mm
  • Unshaded
  • Easily adjust the shade with ZirColor® and ZirChrome® .
from $240.00
Beautiful 3-layer translucency
  • Bleaching shade gradation
  • 3 layers of translucency
  • 49% Translucency/mm
  • 1100 MPa
  • Easily adjust the shade with ZirColor® and ZirChrome® .
from $231.00
Beautiful, life-like gradation
  • Simply mill and sinter; No coloring required
  • 5 layers of shading and translucency
  • 49% Translucency/mm
  • 1100 MPa
  • Easily adjust the shade with ZirColor® Shift and ZirChrome® .
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Tanaka Bite-X™ Paste, in red, green, and yellow, is the proven articulating material that provides greater three dimensional accuracy.  Using the Bite-X™ can save time, effort and expense in both the creation and adjustment of occlusion and enable the efficient production of even the most demanding gnathologic occlusal schemes. Bite-X™ Articulating Paste precisely detects high spots in ceramic and cast restorations without pressure.  With accuracy under five microns, Bite-X™ Paste enables try...
1 x Macro Paste Kit1 x Micro Paste Kit1 x Nano Paste Kit
When a second application and firing of porcelain is required— such as margin repair or the addition of proximal or occlusal contacts— Tanaka Margin-X™ Porcelain Extension Liquid, when mixed with porcelain powders, inhibits dry-out and ensures adequate time for condensing. Comes in Pink and Blue
Tanaka Staining Medium prolongs the use of surface stains by inhibiting dry-out and, unlike glycerin-based products, leaves no residue after firing. Applied to bisque fired restorations, Tanaka Staining Medium duplicates the color to be achieved by glaze firing and provides an ideal wetting for the elimination of microporosity when stains and glazes are applied.  Available in 2 oz dropper bottles. Recommended usage with Star-Dust Glazing Powder and ZirChrome Nano Stains
Tanaka Star Dust™ Glazing Powder was specifically formulated to enhance the opalescence and blue/White fluorescence of today’s dental porcelain. It is compatible with most major brands. Star Dust™ is an advanced, lead free formula that flows smoothly for consistently excellent results. It fires to complete clarity with no opacity, fogging or gray cast. Auto glazing (self-glazing) has a tendency toward overfiring, and may cause a decrease in strength and loss of the sharp anatomical form. Usin...
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Tanaka Thermo-Dri™ Opaque Liquid dries with exposure to heat which enables the ceramist to devote as much time as necessary to the application and condensation of opaque. This allows for maximum internal characterization and modifier blending without the need for repeated firings which results in a more vital appearance in the finished restoration. When used in combination with the AT-4 Opaque Instrument, superior results can be routinely achieved. Tapping condensation while drying with a hai...
Natural fluorescence for your zirconia
  • Simply spray to add life-like fluorescent luster to zirconia restorations
  • Fuses with a strong bond to even the most highly polished zirconia
  • Its convenient aerosol form allows light and even application
  • Does not cause loss of resistance to plaque formation