About Us – Tanaka Dental

Asami Tanaka Dental Enterprises was established in 1975 by world renown dental ceramist Dr.Asami Tanaka. It had its beginning as a simple dental laboratory. He believed that sharing of all knowledge is the way for the dental restorative dentistry to advance, so he began traveling around the world to share his unique knowledge and techniques that he had acquired through his studies. Using his wealth of knowledge, he eventually began to develop his own dental products to meet his own needs. Those, too, he felt should be shared with the world and that his how Tanaka Dental Products was born.

Recently , as zirconia was becoming an increasingly common dental material, his research and development began to focus on zirconia restorations. He believed that all the materials must be designed with a unified direction to realize the ultimate potential of zirconia. In order to do so, he had formulated zirconia blocks, coloring materials, fluorescent glazing spray, and polishing materials through extensive research and testing by his own hands. This is the reason that we are so confident that our zirconia products are no comparison with others. You can count on our products because it is Dr. Tanaka's personal mission to create products that achieve both quality and efficiency.