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Tanaka Porcelain Products

Our porcelain product collection is the result of over 40 years of research and development by Dr Asami Tanaka. Every product was born out of his own needs to perfect the art of porcelain restoration and has remained useful to this date as a testament to its timeless quality.

All the brushes you'll ever need

  • A brush for each stage of creating precise dental morphology
  • Crafted from mink tail fur
  • Contains the original "Big Brush"

Designed to the specific needs of the ceramist, these easy-to-use materials boost their quality, speed, and precision like no other.

All instruments you will ever need for all of your porcelain work!

  • Made from the hardest of blade-quality stainless steel
  • Strong, durable and resistant to scratch and abrasion
  • Drastically minimize the need for carving after baking
  • Uniquely designed by Dr. Tanaka to answer his own needs to achieve the quality which he desired.

Precision is the heart of Tanaka's burs, wheels and disks. For each product we design, we search for and partner with the manufacturer who can reliably produce the highest quality. We are confident that every bur, wheel, or disk you receive will be of the same high quality every time.