Tanaka ZirColor™ Coloring Liquid – Tanaka Dental

Use the Tanaka ZirColor™ Liquids to achieve the desired color on your zirconia restorations.  ZirColor™ Liquid is formulated in a complete range of incisal and gingival shades to exactly duplicate the classic A-D shade system with all 16 dentin colors, Incisal Light, Incisal Dark, Occlusal and Pink. 

ZirColor Liquids utilize a special hydrocarbon base medium that makes it far superior to acid and water-based systems.

  • Deep, fast penetration; effective on both outer contour and intaglio.
  • The material dries in seconds so colors and coats may be applied in rapid succession. 5-15 seconds with no special lamps or equipment compared to other mediums that could take up to 10 minutes.
  • Acid-free: will not contaminate sintering furnace.

They are available in 2 types, Classic and Supreme