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Tanaka Zirconia Products

Tanaka Zirconia Products is our collection of original products which were designed specifically for the Total Zirconia System which brings simplicity, efficiency, and quality to zirconia restoration.

Tanaka Enamel ZR™ Zirconia Blocks use a completely original formula that guarantees great results from our accompanying zirconia restoration products! Use them by themselves or as part of the Tanaka Zirconia System. Easily adjust the shade with Tanaka ZirChrome®  and Tanaka ZirColor®

  • Up to 1200MPa
  • Up to 49% translucency
  • Available as Light ( unshaded ), A2, Medium ( enamel-shaded ), Supreme, or multi-layered gradation

High-grade pre-sintering coloring liquids for achieving astonishing colors. Dries in seconds so you can quickly apply multiple coats to fine tune the colors.

  • Dries in seconds; Quickly apply additional coats to fine tune the colors
  • Deep and fast penetration
  • Formulated in a complete range of incisal and gingival shades to exactly duplicate the classic A-D shade system
  • Available as Classic or Supreme (especially formulated for Tanaka Enamel ZR™ Supreme blocks)

Natural fluorescence for your zirconia

  • Simply spray to add life-like fluorescent luster to zirconia restorations
  • Fuses with a strong bond to even the most highly polished zirconia
  • Its convenient aerosol form allows light and even application
  • Does not cause loss of resistance to plaque formation