Zirconia System – Tanaka Dental
Can Zirconia be Beautiful and Easy?
A significant challenge
with Zirconia restoration is achieving pleasing, natural color and translucency. However, Zirconia is a very durable and economical material, making it a highly attractive choice for dental technicians. It only made sense to us to minimize the challenge.
We made it our goal
to design a system that can realize the true potential of zirconia restoration, easily and efficiently.   To do that, we have developed techniques and products from scratch that cover every step of the process. This specialized collection of product range from blocks to coloring liquids to stains to glazes, all of which are useful by themselves or together for an even greater effect.
Engineered by Dr. Asami Tanaka,
every product has been tested and proven on actual cases with many patients who will show off their restorations with pride and satisfaction. We are confident that you will be thrilled with what these products can do for your zirconia restoration.