Enamel ZR™ Multi Bright – Tanaka Dental

The Multilayer Zirconia for Bleaching Shade Cases

Easily the smartest choice for full zirconia crowns.  With 3 layers of carefully selected shades and translucency, beauty is always guaranteed. Work towards any perfect shade by adjusting the color with Tanaka ZirChrome® Post-Sintering Stain Powder and Liquid; no need to stock up on multiple shades.

  • 3 layers of pre-mixed shades and translucency
  • 45~49% Translucency/mm
  • 1100 MPa
  • Can be touched up after sintering with Tanaka ZirChrome®
  • 98 mm diameter

Price Chart

Product Name Thickness Price
Enamel ZR™ Multi Bright 
16 mm $224
Enamel ZR™ Multi Bright 
18 mm $252
Enamel ZR™ Multi Bright 
22 mm $308