See -Thru Diamond Disk – Tanaka Dental
Tanaka See-Thru Diamond Disks are made from a revolutionary thermoplastic composite material which is impregnated with diamond particles yet retains its plastic flexibility and memory. See-Thru Disks are ultra-thin for precise cutting in narrow spaces, yet strong enough for general contour finishing with durability and long life.  The laser cut logo perforations are computer designed to ensure even flexure distribution while providing maximum visibility through the rotating disk of all surfaces during use. See-Thru Disks flex from point of contact, for complete control during axial contouring, and return to their flat shape immediately as the disks move into groove areas. Crisp sharp interproximals and sharply defined intercusp grooves are easily achieved, and although advanced powder metallurgy is used in the binding process, there is no metallic contamination or discoloration. Tanaka See-Thru Diamond Disks are supplied mounted on a precision mandrel and packaged in durable individual storage cases.