Tanaka Big Brush – Tanaka Dental

The Tanaka "Big Brush" is a custom made instrument specifically designed and balanced for dental ceramics work.  It has been created to enable the ceramist to sculpt rather than "stack" porcelain, building crisp ridges, carving sharp grooves, and creating up to ninety percent of a restoration's anatomy with the brush alone.

The stiff, sharp, natural Kolinsky point holds its shape and does not fan out when pressure is applied.  The handle is short for better control; the seamless ferrule is weighted for precise brush balance and easier cleaning.

The bulk of the bristles act as a water reservoir, maintaining an optimum balance of moisture between the fine working tip and the porcelain buildup.

This is easily the dental ceramist's most important tool and a must-have instrument for those seeking to efficiently create exact contour and occlusion, with lifelike anatomy, in ceramic restorations.

Technique Tip:

When beginning work with a dry "Big Brush" each time: a few drops of Tanaka Thermo-Dri™ Opaque Liquid, rinsed with water, will assure fast initial saturation.

The "Big Brush" will eventually wear out, and need to be replaced, but to assure long tip life: Avoid rough unglazed mixing palettes.  We recommend the Tanaka Ever-Wet™ Tray.  Do not wipe your Big Brush on sponges or towels, to clean it simply swirl in water and shake to a point. Store upright with bristles pointing up.