Tanaka Bite-X™ Articulating Paste – Tanaka Dental

Tanaka Bite-X™ Paste, in red, green, and yellow, is the proven articulating material that provides greater three dimensional accuracy.  Using the Bite-X™ can save time, effort and expense in both the creation and adjustment of occlusion and enable the efficient production of even the most demanding gnathologic occlusal schemes.

Bite-X™ Articulating Paste precisely detects high spots in ceramic and cast restorations without pressure.  With accuracy under five microns, Bite-X™ Paste enables try-ins that are often perfect, and adjustments, when required, are usually minimal.

Bite-X™ can be used during porcelain buildup to design exact occlusion even before firing. After firing, Bite-X™ is ideal for checking occlusion without abrasion to opposing models, proximal contacts and pontic areas.  For full cast work Bite-X™ is used for occlusal waxups and adjustments of castings. On all castings Bite-X™ provides a quick and efficient seating reference that avoids damage to dies.  In denture work Bite-X™ Paste is perfect for adjusting occlusion and for proper seating.  For attachment work, Bite-X™ is ideal for detecting interferences.

Tanaka Bite-X™ Articulating paste is easy to use and washes off easily with water. It burns out cleanly at 1200˚F and will not contaminate porcelain.  It never dries out, enabling repeated use of the same micron accurate application.

The Tanaka Bite-X™ Articulating paste kit contains three jars of specially formulated color pastes ( red, green and yellow ), three color-keyed brush/instruments, a self-sealing palette container and a bottle of Tanaka Stone Surface Sealer.  Refills are available and complete instructions are included.