Tanaka Ever-Wet™ Porcelain Tray – Tanaka Dental

The classic porcelain mixing palette - the patended Tanaka Ever-Wet™ Tray is today's standard for the professional dental ceramist.

The Tanaka Ever-Wet™ Porcelain Tray keeps mixed porcelain moist for weeks, even months! Capillary action feeds water to each of the ten individual wells independently, wetting mixed porcelain from the bottom up and maintaining moisture balance in the powders. Porcelain mixtures can be saved for use at a later time and replenished as desired without the need to wash off and start over.  Elimination of waste and remixing results in up to 50% savings in time and materials.  The Ever-Wet™ Tray is ideal for custom formulated shades, allowing correct mixtures to be kept safe and moist with consistent color fidelity and reduced micro-porosity.

The Tanaka Ever-Wet™ Tray is made from high density glazed ceramic material with dual reservoir filler ports, and enclosed in an impact resistant hinged plastic case to seal in moisture and seal out dirt, dust, and contamination.  The trays stack neatly and individual access is provided when stored in the Tanaka Mixing Tray Rack.