Tanaka Thermo-Dri™ Opaque Liquid – Tanaka Dental

Tanaka Thermo-Dri™ Opaque Liquid dries with exposure to heat which enables the ceramist to devote as much time as necessary to the application and condensation of opaque. This allows for maximum internal characterization and modifier blending without the need for repeated firings which results in a more vital appearance in the finished restoration. When used in combination with the AT-4 Opaque Instrument, superior results can be routinely achieved. Tapping condensation while drying with a hair dryer allows one bake of multicolor opaque stains. Since the whole unit can be uniformly condensed in one step, no cracks will be produced while baking opaque. The interaction of Thermo-Dri Opaque Liquid with the metal surface actually increases the bonding strength of the opaque without leaving microscopic porosity between metal and opaque.

Technique Tip

To assure a maximum bond and a bubble-free opaque firing, wet the understructure slightly with Thermo-Dri™ Opaque Liquid, and blow off the excess before the application of the opaque.