Tanaka Z-Luster™ Fluorescent Glaze Spray – Tanaka Dental

Zirconia lacks the fluorescence of natural dentition.  When it is highly polished, it attracts no calculus but can exhibit a gloss and shine beyond that of natural dentition.

Z-Luster™ Fluorescent Glaze Spray is an easy to apply glaze finish that provides natural fluorescence.  It can be used to match a wide range of texture and luster in natural dentition for a more life-like appearance without loss of resistance to plaque formation.

Z-luster is provided in two temperature ranges for versatility and can be applied quickly and easily.  It fuses with a strong bond to even the most highly polished zirconia. Its convenient aerosol form allows light and even application.

Z-Luster can be used on a variety of materials including layered porcelain on zirconia, PFM, etc. 

Use Z-Luster™ Fluorescent Glaze Spray to 

  • add a natural fluorescent luster to zirconia restorations
  • achieve a more three dimensional appearance with translucent layering
  • glaze laminating porce